ZigBee Panel Meter

The ZigBee Panel Meter is a highly accurate AC energy monitoring solution for homes and buildings. It can monitor energy consumption patterns in equipment and buildings. The ZigBee Panel Meter can also act as a sub-metering device that provides remote, real-time phase-based energy measurement of electric load consumption.


Providing separate pulse channels for positive and negative power for net metering and PV metering, the ZigBee Panel Meter can also be used for Measurement and Verification (M&V) of renewable energy that is pushed back out onto the electric grid.


The ZigBee Panel Meter is not only suitable for whole-home monitoring, but also commercial building energy monitoring. It can support single-phase, two-phase and three-phase environments. Installations can be completed within minutes with easy LED indicators to help troubleshoot connection problems.

The ZigBee Panel Meter ships in in four different configurations: (1) Open-system (RD77720) rated up to 400A; (2) Open-system (RD77720) rated up to 3000A; (3) Closed-system (RD77724) rated up to 400A; and (4) Closed-system rated up to 3000A. Open-systems are ideal for commercial applications that requires to be installed in an external enclosure and closed-systems are suited for residential applications that can be installed without an external enclosure. Both models provide an easy, no wires energy monitoring solution.
The ZigBee Panel Meter can be ordered with Smart Energy Profile or Home Automation Profile.


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